In Our carpentry workshop We manufacture luxurious
and design knock-down furnishings as well as fine furniture solutions.

Custom-made Projects

By developing a simple idea and through the study
of the surrounding room - which needs to be furnished -
Our design studio is able to design custom-made furniture.

Solutions for private and public areas

Our company designs and manufactures kitchen, bedroom,
living room, and bath furniture, wardrobes, fitted furniture
and furnishings for houses, shops, offices, banks and hotels.

Yacht furnishing

One of Our manufacturing departments is specialized in furnishing yacht and boats.
This department  deals with the production of finished and custom-designed
furniture by using specific materials of high quality
and paying particular attention to wood finishing.


Supported by international renowned architects
We are willing to offer Italian and foreign companies
leading in the contract industry
Our ten-year experience and quality.

Brianza Design Project

TowerLib is a bookshelf concept designed to be traditional, authentic, and minimalistic as well as functional.


Designer: Riccardo Tomasoni


Its fresh, supporting structure, conceived as a leaning tower, clearly shows both its functional and structural features: Not only is it able to support the weight of the books tilting when they are on the shelf, but it also conveys harmony and balance through its particular structure made up of three horizontal shelves.

This project is aimed at achieving the minimalistic design of the supporting structure in iron thus enhancing both the technical features and the genuine material of the shelves. The tower’s angle of inclination has been designed to tidily support thin books preventing them from falling down on the floor. The cohesiveness of iron and wood – the two main materials used to build the structure – is the result of a joint system that fosters the right structural solidity as well as the aesthetic continuity and consistency of the shelves design. The result is a bookshelf designed to fit into any space, a working as well as a living one, and whose main purpose is to support books and decorative objects, thus enhancing their shape.


Size: 3000 mm x 2100 mm height x 400 mm depth